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Book clubs are great fun. But members sometimes struggle to choose a book, buy copies easily, or create stimulating discussion. Here's a way around those challenges. Order copies of my new best seller at a discount and with free shipping. You'll receive a list of questions that will stimulate discussion. And each book can have a personal inscription.  

From a review by Kimberly Lucyckx 
for Reader Views 

Deep into Yellowstone by Rick Lamplugh begins with captivating action. Its first chapter seizes the reader with a spellbinding account of Rick and his wife Mary's rare witness to a wolf pack on the hunt for bison. The books is filled with fun, thrilling and wondrous episodes of living through the seasons in America's first national park. 

Choosing to read this adventure book was definitely out of the ordinary for me. Although I appreciate nature, its beauty and certainly value its significance, I am not a naturalist or even a keen observer of the environment. I have never had a desire to visit Yellowstone. Yet, I find Rick’s tales of his escapades in this raw setting to be mesmerizing. There is sufficient detail for the imagination to pique without being stifled by too many scientific elements. Therefore, the aspects of ecology, adventure, history and advocacy are well mixed in this book. In general, the reading not only held my interest, but also made me yearn to experience more. Needless to say, visiting Yellowstone is now on my bucket list. 

Throughout this yearlong story, the author and his wife enjoy skiing, hiking, biking and wandering through wildlife areas in and around the grandeur that is Yellowstone. The couple designate themselves as “meanderthals,” who observe, track and record the behaviors of the fascinating residents of the park. They are much more than this. They are the monitors and guardians of some of our nation’s most precious wildlife. This, then, is a story of preservation, respect and appreciation of the nation’s first national park that every U.S. citizen should experience. 

Rick Lamplugh

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