Deep into Yellowstone

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Deep into Yellowstone is a sequel to In the Temple of Wolves.

"Eminent naturalist and wildlife advocate Rick Lamplugh draws from a deep personal wellspring of experience and knowledge to take readers into Yellowstone’s wild heart." Cristina Eisenberg, PhD, Chief Scientist, Earthwatch Institute 

"Lamplugh is a word artist; Yellowstone is his palette." Julianne Baker, Yellowstone Instructor 

"A touch of Bill Bryson's whimsy, a dose of Edward Abbey's insight, and the story-telling charm of John McPhee." John Gillespie, Geologist

From a review from National Parks Traveler:

Rick Lamplugh…tells stories, delves into park history related to the issues he describes, and offers natural history insights into the Yellowstone community as he explores it. He writes for fellow citizens not familiar with the park and its issues, and his book is especially timely as public lands in America are beset with challenges and challengers. 

Lamplugh and [his wife] Mary are clearly on the side of conservation and protection of wildlife and other park resources, and against such outrages as a gold mine on the boundary of the park, the annual winter slaughter of bison that migrate across the park boundary, and proposed delisting of grizzly bears that will put them also in the sights of hunters outside the park.

They have a great time in their year of explorations…Lamplugh describes adventures and misadventures with an obvious and contagious delight. A novice skier, he describes in detail a spectacular head-plant he does on one outing. On another, Mary nearly blunders into a moose, and he is charged in his Gardiner driveway by an elk. A chapter summarizes a controversy, then the next describes an outing, often with humor, offering relief. 

In closing, Lamplugh says “Yellowstone is no longer a place to love and leave. And with that belonging comes a duty to fight for this wildland and its wildlife for years to come.” He makes a strong case for the urgency and necessity of the fight.

Rick Lamplugh
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  1. Rick, looking forward to reading your new book. I read In the Temple of Wolves and it was amazing, loved it. Thank you for all you do for our wildlands and wildlife.

  2. This will truly be a treasure, Rick. Thanks!


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