Sunday, September 17, 2017

Take your book club "Deep into Yellowstone"

Book clubs are great fun. But members sometimes struggle to choose a book, buy copies easily, or create stimulating discussion. Here’s a way around those challenges.

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Deep into Yellowstone: A Year's Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy 

The year of immersion begins when my wife Mary and I trust the pull of Yellowstone; leave family, friends, and security after thirty-five years in Oregon; and relocate to Gardiner, Montana, at Yellowstone’s north gate. 

As you read Deep into Yellowstone, you are right there with Mary and me as we cross-country ski, hike, bicycle, and backpack into Yellowstone’s wild grandeur. Along the way, you learn about important controversies that stimulate discussion: the dispute over hunting park wolves along Yellowstone’s border, the debate about whether wolves help or harm the ecosystem and the local economy, the outrage over the removal of grizzlies from ESA protection, the fight to stop the slaughter of park bison, the reality of overuse of the park, and the effort to stop a gold mine right on the park’s border. 

I’ve heard from readers that Deep into Yellowstone leaves them feeling a deeper love for Yellowstone and a stronger commitment to protect the park's wildlife and wildlands from threats from many directions and factions.

What others say about Deep into Yellowstone:

"Eminent naturalist and wildlife advocate Rick Lamplugh draws from a deep personal wellspring of experience and knowledge to take readers into Yellowstone’s wild heart." Cristina Eisenberg, PhD, Chief Scientist, Earthwatch Institute

“Lamplugh is a word artist; Yellowstone is his palette." Julianne Baker, Yellowstone Instructor

“This book stands as a loving tribute to Yellowstone and all it's complexities." Jenny Golding, Editor,

"A touch of Bill Bryson’s whimsy, a dose of Edward Abbey’s insight, and the story-telling charm of John McPhee." John Gillespie, Geologist

Rick Lamplugh
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