Monday, May 18, 2020

An Incredible Wolf Journey (Part 2): An Audio Post

In Part 1 I described how Wolf 341F left her birth pack, travelled through Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah and finally entered Colorado in 2009. She was only the second confirmed wolf to reach Colorado since the Yellowstone reintroduction fourteen years earlier. 

By the time 341F reached Colorado she showed her skill at knowing when, where, and how to cross life-threatening roads as she continued deeper into the state. Eventually, above Interstate 70, she turned north into the wildlife-rich Rocky Mountains...

To listen to the rest of her story:

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Rick Lamplugh writes and photographs to protect wildlife and wild lands.

His bestselling In the Temple of Wolves; its sequel, Deep into Yellowstone; and its prequel, The Wilds of Aging are available signed

His books are also available unsigned or as eBook or audiobook on Amazon.

Wolf pictured is Oregon wolf, OR-2, photo by ODFW. I found no useable images of 341F alive, but she looked like OR-2.

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