Monday, April 27, 2020

In Awe of Bison: An AudioPost

I want to tell you why I'm in awe of bison.

One day I was cross-country skiing with friends on a national forest road just outside Yellowstone. As we rounded a bend, I spotted a group of bison. One female caught my attention. She stood apart from the group, seemingly intent on a spectacular view of Electric Peak. Behind her, the distant terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs steamed away.

To reach here, she and the other bison had migrated at least thirty-five miles from the Lamar Valley. They were led by a matriarch; she probably learned the migration route from matriarchs that once led her. Along the way...

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This reading based on a chapter of the best selling Deep into Yellowstone.

Rick Lamplugh writes and photographs to protect wildlife and wild lands.

His bestselling In the Temple of Wolves; its sequel, Deep into Yellowstone; and its prequel, The Wilds of Aging are available signed

His books are also available unsigned or as eBook or audiobook on Amazon.

Bison photo by Rick Lamplugh


  1. I love your stories so much. Please keep them coming

  2. I love listen to your stories.Looking forward to the next story.