Friday, February 16, 2018

Montana Limits Wolf Kill Near Yellowstone

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission voted on 2/15/18 to keep the wolf quota at TWO in the wolf hunting units just outside Yellowstone (units 313 and 316) and Glacier National Parks (unit 110). I thank the hundreds of wolf advocates across the US who took the time to send comments to the Commissioners asking them to keep the quota at two or decrease it. Your comments were read and mattered. 

While many of us would have liked to see the quota at one or zero, the vote to keep it at two is still a victory in this long, hard battle to protect Yellowstone’s wolves when they step over an invisible line. It’s important to remember that these three tiny units are the ONLY places in Montana with ANY restrictions on the total number of wolves that can be killed. 

The Commission also accepted a proposal to NOT allow grizzly bear hunting in 2018-2019. 

Attending Commission meetings is an eye-opening and educational experience, and I encourage others to try it. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks makes it easier by having a teleconference set up in numerous FWP offices across the state. Mary and I only had to drive an hour and a half one-way to Bozeman rather than three hours to Helena where the Commissioners sit. Thanks FWP for doing so.

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Photo of howling Yellowstone wolf by Rick Lamplugh

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