Tuesday, March 29, 2022


With a bit of sadness and lots of excitement, I'm ending my blog and starting to publish two newsletters.

I posted my first blog--a report on the wolves impacted by the Chernobyl reactor disaster--on November 12, 2013. I posted my last blog--"A Eulogy for a Yellowstone Wolf" on March 24, 2022. 

This has been a long, educational, emotional, and satisfying ride. I thank everyone who visited the blog and especially folks who for years took the time to share their thoughts and reactions to posts. That exchange has always been a main goal for me.

But times change and I believe I've found a better way to reach readers: via two free Substack newsletters: 

Love the Wild is a free weekly newsletter for people who want to warm their hearts and excite their minds by sharing moments with wildlife and in wild lands. No matter where you live or how often you actually get to the wild, each newsletter can rekindle your love for the wild through reading, watching, or listening.

Save the Wild is a free weekly newsletter for people who are concerned about threats to wildlife and wild lands, people interested in speaking for or already speaking for wildlife and wild lands. You’ll find each newsletter to be a trusted source on a conservation issue, particularly for wolves, coyotes, or bison, my favorite Yellowstone neighbors. You’ll find links where you can learn more or discover actions to take. 

I encourage you to join me at one or both of these free weekly newsletters. I want to continue to share with you my love for the wild and my desire to save the wild.

Award-winning Indie author Rick Lamplugh writes and photographs to protect wildlife and wild lands. 

His award-winning book In the Temple of Wolves; its sequel, Deep into Yellowstone; and its prequel, The Wilds of Aging are available signed. His books are also available unsigned or as eBook or audiobook on Amazon

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